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Why I want to Attend College

            Going to college is really going to be a privilege for me. It will be exciting to learn more and more about myself. Even though college is the next step in my life, there is one thing that I am really going to have trouble leaving, behind and that is my high school days.
             High school is really important to me and is something that I would like to continue doing. Now that I am in the twelfth grade and getting to graduate, I wish that I would have the ability to redo my high school days all over again. Since I am one of the leaders in my school, I know everything about Gwynn High School. If I had the choice, I would delay graduation for another year.
             I did as much I could to get involved in school this year. Since I was elected SGA treasurer, I have been doing my best to make suer that this school year is the best year. Another way I involved myself to the school was running for homecoming king. Unfortunately, I was not chosen, but was chosen as Prince. .
             It will be extremely hard to leave all of my friends and teachers behind. To get to know teachers that helped me through high school is really going to be hard to leave behind. They helped me achieve my highest goals in school. Leaving my friends is also going to be the hardest thing to do. I have met so many people and made so many friends. These friends have encouraged me and accepted me. I have been with them from elementary through high school. But most of all, I am going to a recognized college and know that I will meet new teachers, friends and have a whole new life style.

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