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Why I want to go to * __* College

            My dream is to build my very own business, and I believe The George Washington University will help me become a well-rounded, generally educated, and most importantly, socially conscious businessman. I am excited about beginning the management curriculum, and I am currently taking AP Microeconomics at my high school. This foundation has been encouraging, and I am already looking forward to the sort of upper end classes I will be able to take at The George Washington University. I am especially fascinated by the possibility of studying "International Financial Environment", because I am particularly curious about learning the factors that affect the world market. I have always excelled in math, and I wish to apply logical reasoning and mathematic principles professionally. The curriculum also offers students the opportunity to take courses in ethics, communication, and the humanities to enhance their skills as a well-rounded individual. I feel this is a distinct strength of the university. .
             Being a first generation American, I predominantly appreciate the opportunities this country has to offer. I have witnessed my parents, uncles, and aunts emigrate from India with practically no money to support their families. Through their hard work and sacrifice, they have embodied the capitalist spirit of America. I find it rather ironic, yet appropriate, that I wish to begin my college career in the city that is the country's capital, which symbolizes independence, justice, and equal opportunity. America gave my parents the liberty to do anything they needed to become successful professionally and socially conscious members of their community. Ironically, it also gave them the chance to create the capital necessary to send me to the nation's capital to study.
             More than just becoming a well-educated student of business, I believe the four years spent in college will allow me to develop the skills necessary to become a good citizen.

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