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Reasons For Going To College

            I have many reasons for going to college. The main reason I guess would have to be so I can get a degree, graduate a one day hopefully get a decent job. There are also a few reasons why I chose this specific college. One reason I chose this college is because it is a Christian college. I wanted to start off for one or two years of college in a Christian atmosphere so I decided to go with the testimony that Temple has had over the years. I also received the Dr. Lee Robertson scholarship and that gave me even more of a reason to come. I know a pretty good amount of people that go to school here too, one of them being my sister. I have also prayed about God's guidance and direction in my life, and Tennessee Temple was the place where He was directing. .
             My future plans are to graduate from a tech school because I want to major in electronics. But for now I am letting the Lord guide and direct in my future decisions.

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