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Reasons for Going to College

            At my sister's baby shower in August 2003, I spoke to a family friend named Nicole. When I spoke with her, She told me that she got married, had a baby and moved to North Carolina, but never got a chance to go to college. Now, she works full time at the Dollar Tree getting minimum wage. She doesn't really get any sleep because she has to work so much to have money for the baby and maintain her apartment. I realized that I don't want to struggle as much as she does and by attending college my life will be a lot easier, college was the natural answer. Here are a few of my reasons for going to college: gain communications skills, became a good role model, gain independence, and gain psychological benefits. .
             College is also a good source to gain good communication skills. In today's business world, in which we plan to be after completing college is important that we have good communication skills. Dealing with different types of people during college and dealing with different situations will teach us how to deal with our future customers, patients, or clients. In order to become successful in any career we must be sociable, friendly and always willing to improve our weaknesses. By having good communication skills it will enable to obtain friends, patients, customer, or clients that will last a lifetime.
             Being a good role model in this society is very important. By completing college we are setting a foundation not only for our lives, but also for all those who are looking up to us. It is my belief that is important to set this foundation specially when there are children trying to imitate everything we do and say. Children tend to follow the steps of a close or immediate family member. Unfortunally, not everyone that children utilize as a role model is in the right path. .
             College is also a good experience for those who would like to gain some independence. During elementary, middle and high school, everyone depends on either their parents or legal guardians, and sometimes teachers.

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