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Going to College

            I'm in college to acquire more knowledge and to earn a degree in civil engineering. Society makes this a norm that after high school, students should go on to the next level of education: college. There are many forces that compel me to go to college. I believe that when I graduate with a degree, I will be earning more money that those people who do not go on to college. College is a necessity in today's society. College is necessary for me because I want to become an engineer. It's not possible that someone can become an engineer without a college degree. College is important because I can learn many skills that will last my lifetime. Many of these skills will be lessons learned from professors, teachers, mentors, as well as other students. Some examples of these are time management, money management, and work habits. People who do not go to college are not as successful monetarily. College teaches people how to meet others on a constant basis. Universities give people opportunities and connections to the rest of the world. .
             I want to succeed in college. If someone does not want to succeed in college, he or she will not. You must be your own driving force in college to thrive. In high school, I worked extremely hard. My work ethics helped me so far with my success in school. I was involved in many extracurricular activities. Having the ability to manage my time effectively helps me adjust to living on my own while in college. As a high school student, I was able to juggle studies, a part time job, athletics and community involvement. The combinations of these have helped me to become successful in college life. I believe that one's activities and variety of college courses help to round out a person's character.
             Employers are usually looking for the well-rounded college graduate. High school graduates or dropouts have a tendency to not make enough money to live on their own. Frequently, they lean on their parents or society for financial support.

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