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Education- Go to College or not?

             Education- Go to College or not?.
             An overwhelming question students face in education today is whether they want to go to college, or not. If they do want to go to college they have to either come from a wealthy family or be as poor as possible so they receive full financial aid backing. A lot of high school students want to go on to college so they can make something of their lives and find a successful jobs, but simply its not much of a choice then not to go on to college because they can't afford to do so. Because of the costs of college, a lot of students end up never really achieving the success they desire and for that matter, the success they deserve. The biggest problem with the college is the cost of tuition and just the overall expense in general. There are numerous opportunities to receive financial aid and scholarships to help people with the costs of college, but there are so many stipulations to receive a scholarship or financial aid. Most people find college to be too big of a hassle and believe that college may not be for them. What doesn't help this cause is that lots of college administrators pay no attention to the student's feelings and tend to have an idea of how the students are supposed to act and if one does something they base how they react to students on that one assumption. Because these college administrators make these types of assumptions they forget to treat everyone as an individual. Although not everyone is the same, everyone has similarities, but administrators can't base their assumptions on similarities, which is what they seem to do. Not only do students face the issues of having to worry about being able to afford college and motivating themselves to make it through the required classes they have to take, but they also have to worry about dealing with biased administrators. .
             The courses students are required to take make a lot of students drop out of college and feel college is a waste of time.

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