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The Value of a College Education

            The fact that some college graduates fight to find jobs in their fields, or they accept a job which they are over qualified for, raises this question to many high school students as they reach graduation; Is College really worth it? The answer is yes, a college education is definitely worth it. A college education is more valuable than only a return on a financial investment.
             The financial return is important of course; one has to pay off the debt created from going to college. On average a college graduate earns more than a person with a high school diploma (Porter). According to the Census Bureau, someone with an associate's degree (average 1.6 million in a lifetime) will earn more than a high school diploma (average 102 million in a lifetime) but not as much as a bachelor's degree holder (average 2.1 million in a lifetime)(Porter). Not only does a degree holder earn more money, but they also have an easier time finding employment. A college degree and the connections made throughout attending college, gives you more options when searching for jobs. Even though acquiring a college degree of some kind costs money and creates debt, the difference a person will make over a lifetime will financially outweigh not having a degree.
             Another benefit of a college education, is the ability to have a better quality of life for your family and yourself. Typically a college graduate will get a job working prime hours with weekends off. A perfect schedule for a social life, a relationship and later raising children. The ability to be home at night and on the weekends with your children is important for family values. This allows the children to be raised by the parents, instead of going to daycare centers or babysitters. The ability to be with the child when they are not in school gives the child a better upbringing. Jobs with degrees also offer paid vacations, a retirement plan, and life insurance and most important a good medical insurance plan (Porter).

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