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Value Of A College Education

            What is the Purpose or Value of a College Education?.
             There are many different ways to answer this question. Many of which belong to very sophisticated people. Personally I have my own ideas about what a person should get out of college. There are some people that agree with me. .
             A good liberal education is a very important factor towards a good education. The liberal arts field is what prepares the mind for many different situations in life. "The point of liberal studies is to free the mind." said Randle Archibold. Learning about the history of the nation, or the great poets of all time allows us to use that information every day in our lives. It helps us to become a better asset to society. Liberal arts are the base for any kind of job you may want to be a part of. William McKinney said, "Liberal arts courses are the foot stone for all higher learning. They are a vital and necessary component of economic growth and prosperity in a democracy. Liberal education is knows to broaden a students understanding of life. It is important that tomorrows leaders have the most fundamental liberal arts skills." Having this firm background in liberal arts will help the student in all aspects of his/her life. The most beneficial part is that it will aid the student in being able to interact with society.
             Liberal arts seems to be the key feature in allowing someone to be able to have a more open mind about everything that goes on in the world. Newman states "the training of the intellect helps the person to perform the best in society. That it merely puts them into the proper state of mind to be able to use their skill effectively in the world. They should be able to see things from many points of view and not discriminate against ideas that are not similar to his/hers. A college graduate should be a gentleman and know how he should interact in society." These values are very important this day and age.

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