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The value of a College Education

             Graduation comes and goes for those leaving high school and entering the real world. For many, a time to work a minimum wage paying job to pay bills and to barely make it on their own or for those who have chosen to continue their education and specialize in a specific field. I have been there in the exact spot everyone has been. You ask yourself "what do I do or what do I want to do". I chose to further my education and better myself with the knowledge I need to know to obtain a job in criminal justice field. Over the years I have seen the value of an education go up everyday. Society is more demanding on having a degree, sometimes not in the field the position is in just as long as the applicant has one. The value of an education brings three points to my mind, society demands it to be considered for a job, when obtaining a degree many doors open in the area of study and for most young freshmen entering college what is going to make me the most money.
             For those who will be leaving the nest and looking for an adventure and what life holds for them, I would hope furthering their education is in their adventure. Everyday the value of an education goes up. For some of us today, we struggle in a society that expects and education. For some of us only a high school education is not going to work, but a college education will take us further in life and keep up with the demands of our society. I will give an example, if there is no background experience and you want to be a police officer and the city sends you through the police academy, then you work your way up from there. In some areas, police departments require an officer to have a degree. .
             When looking through the classifieds and seeing what different job requirements are for each job, the first requirement is usually a four-year degree and then the experience required for the position. Society is very demanding about a degree and expects you to obtain one to further the career field you have chosen.

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