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History of Financing College Education

            The amount it costs to get higher education in both public and private colleges is steadily rising above inflation. Douglas A. Webber and Ronald G. Ehrenberg has done some intense research during the previous two decades, on the spending of a full-time student at universities and colleges in America. Webber and Ehrenberg talks about different expenditures of a college student in an article on the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), "Do expenditures other than Instructional Expenditures Affect Graduation and Persistence Rates in Higher Education." Student services are an effect on persistence and graduation rates, and their minimal effects exceed those students that attend schools that have lower scores for entrance and the Pell Grant disbursement are higher. It was assumed by Webber and Ehrenberg that if the distribution of some of the money for instructional expenditures were reallocated it will have a positive effect on persistence and the completion rate at a 4 year institution.
             According to the research done by Webber and Ehrenberg, the cost of attending either a public or private institution back in 2005 was above that of inflation, along with America not leading people to see that young people that have degrees, wonder why the amount for higher education is rapidly rising, and what expenses is causing it to rise. .
             Claudio Sanchez talks about, "How the cost of college went from affordable to sky-High "in an article on NPR (National Public Radio). He states that, "the percentage increase in college cost in the state of Arizona increased by 77 percent, Georgians seen a 75 percent raise, and the state of Washington saw a 70 percent increase," back in 2009. Oklahoma at one time had the lowest tuition cost in the nation and the increase there caused some parents to send their kids to community college because they could not afford the increase of higher education.

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