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College of Choice

             I am not the most informed individual on colleges in general. I realize that it is an extremely significant factor in my future. I know that if I am to pursue a reasonably acceptable life of success, then this is the undisputed path upon which I must journey. I understand that this is an excruciatingly imperative decision given the potential impact on my future and the financial considerations involved. I knew that college is expensive and vital for a good career. I was informed about scholarships, grants, and loans, though only generally speaking. I knew of campus life at a few colleges and that some students aren"t allowed to live outside of the dorm their freshman year or for longer. I was aware that some campuses, that were small, consisted of buildings in close enough proximity for one to have a reasonable amount of time to walk to classes. It was brought to my attention that others were spread across a city and students take buses or drive cars, etc. to classes. I also had learned about the existence of famous colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, RCCC, etc. I understood that some jobs practically guaranteed jobs upon graduation, often due to a job placement program or the school's reputation. I felt that others held little more weight than a reference from Burger King. I believed that it was possible to be thrown out and lose all of your invested money for nothing, on paper anyway. I had heard about valedictorians and salutatorians, and how they were more respected and esteemed than those of lesser performance. I interpreted that colleges were often thought of as being party centers for those who want to drink, use drugs, have sex, and skip class. I thought of it as a fairly expensive and unreasonable "party". I realized that college professors were often much stricter and harsher than high school and elementary teachers. It became obvious to me that sometimes going to the best possible college for one's desired field meant venturing a considerable distance away from home.

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