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Ellectoral college

             The Electoral College is the constitutional system used for the election of the President and Vice President of the US. This is the collective name for a group of electors, which are nominated by political parties within the states and popularly elected. These electors meet to vote for President during the early days of December. .
             The Electoral College system was created by our founding father. They had three main ideas, the Congress would chose our president, the people's direct vote, or by the intermediacies of electors. The first choice didn't give Americans any power, and would most likely end up in corruption because of the "favor"" congress made to the President. Our fathers didn't trust the people, fearing that their vote might be mislead or misinformed. The last choice gave an equal balance between the states, and seemed the most reasonable choice. After being voted down twice, this system finally passed. The Electoral College was created for two reasons, first, its a buffer between population and the selection of the President, and second, as part of the structure of the government that gave extra power to the smaller states. .
             The electoral college has been in place for over two hundred years now, and still, most Americans are not sure how it works, or if its the best system. Today there are five hundred thirty-eight Electoral College votes in our nation. This number changes each ten years; it may lower or rise depending on the population status. Each state gets the same number of electors as it has representatives, plus two, representing the two senators for each state. No matter how small of a population a state has, it always gets three Electoral College votes, this includes Washington D.C(illustrated in my visual). Electors pledge to give their vote to the candidate that has the most votes in his or her state, yet not all electors keep their promise. This causes a problem of the unfaithful elector.

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