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             Since 1902 the philanthropy of the du Pont family has vastly improved the quality of living in Delaware. The purchase of the DuPont Company in 1902 by, Pierre S., Alfred I, and T. Coleman du Pont was the beginning of a reformation for Delaware. The three du Ponts made many charitable contributions improving Delaware in the 20th century; the most notable improvement was Pierre du Pont's reformation of Delaware's public education system. Pierre du Pont reconstructed the entire school system of Delaware to enable everyone, black and poor included, to receive an education. Throughout the 20th century the du Pont family has continually contributed to the betterment of Delaware. .
             In 1902 Pierre, Alfred, and T. Coleman du Pont bought Dupont. The three cousins turned the already successful company into an industrial super power. The cousins all became successful entrepreneurs and eventually all three partners chose to travel separate paths. Each path traveled changed Delaware for the better.
             Alfred I du Pont was the major planner in the acquisition of DuPont in 1902. Alfred sought after T. Coleman and Pierre S to collaborate in the purchase of the company. When the cousins bought the company Alfred became the Vice President. He acted as vice president until 1911 when he was removed from his position. Alfred began to focus his intentions elsewhere. .
             His two main areas of concern were the elderly and the handicapped . Alfred du Pont was aware that many elderly Delawareans were poverty stricken. To combat this he consulted congress unfortunately he was unsuccessful in doing so. Alfred's philanthropy is illustrated by William Williams quote in "A century of Life Downstate", "Alfred found that old people were without money in Delaware in the late 1920's. Alfred tried to convince the state government to vote for some funds. Unfortunately, they wouldn't listen. Finally he put his own money into a social security system until the federal government kicked in with the social security act of 1935.

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