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In Defense of College Elitism

            Do you believe community colleges are only for the "academically marginal" and that they should be shut down? In the essay "In Defense of Elitism" by William A. Henry III he discusses his opinions about college and community college. Henry argues that community colleges should be closed down because they are insignificant and don't serve the best students. There are too many students that go to school that shouldn't be enrolled. Henry tells us teachers don't desire to teach the topics they are teaching anymore they are teaching what people want to learn. The amount of work we do nowadays is not even close to what students would have to take on back in the day. He believes our work load has diminished tremendously and school is much easier now. The remedial classes' students take in college don't need to be re learned and should be left to high school students. While certain points Henry makes about to many people going to college are correct he misses several points on why community colleges shouldn't be shut down. .
             Community colleges shouldn't be shut down for several reasons. They don't always serve the academically marginal and some students have their reasons for going to community college. They could have a two year plan to get there general education out of the way and focus on their majors when they get to four years. Patrice Lyons says in an article at Fastweb.com that "once you are enrolled in a four year college, you can focus on classes you want to take as part of your major, rather than spending money on classes you need to take". This also will give you enough time to decide on what your want you major to be. Students change their majors several times when they first start college. According to Laverne. Edu "50%-70% of students change their majors at least once, most will change at least three times before they graduate". Going to Cosumnes River College can save you half of the tuition and fees that you would have to pay by going to Sacramento State first for all four years.

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