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Henry v. Grisham

            The ability to make a strong argument is a must in today's society. Arguments are demonstrated every day in Congress, courts, and even households. Almost anyone capable of having an opinion is capable of making an argument. But in order to make a valid and relevant argument, one must take into consideration several questions: Who is the audience expected to read or listen to the argument? Are the main points expressed clearly and decisively, and is the argument supported? William A. Henry III and John Grisham are two extraordinary writers. Both are nationally renowned authors who are immune to being in the eye of the public. William A. Henry III wrote an essay titled, "In Defense of Elitism," and John Grisham wrote an essay titled, "Unnatural Killers." In both of these essays the author is making an argument, but the do so in different ways. Henry supports his argument with facts while Grisham gives his opinion. These essays exemplify two different ways to make an argument, but one proves to be more efficient in making a stronger argument. .
             "In Defense of Elitism," is an essay written by William A. Henry III that discusses the fact that our country allows too many students to go on to college. Though this sounds completely contradictory to the beliefs of higher education, Henry goes very in-depth in explaining his beliefs. According to his essay, 63% of students go on to further their education after high school, and 30% of high school graduates receive a four-year degree. Henry's view is that allowing this many people to attend college puts a debt on society. One hundred fifty billion dollars is borrowed from the government for college purposes. Henry questions whether mediocre students have been allowed into colleges more so than in the past (Henry, pp.135-136). Henry believes that we are teaching too many students to be leaders when the realization is that some must be followers.

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