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Andrew Jackson

             When our founding fathers developed this nation they wanted to protect and preserve American freedom. They established this by building a total majority, but also with defenses such as electoral colleges and supreme courts. These defenses stopped the people from becoming overwhelmed with freedom. Just like our fathers feared an overpowering majority, they feared the exercise of a strong central government. This also setup a defense such as a system of checks and balances. These defenses developed the greatest balance between people and government. These defenses were viewed differently by two distinct groups, the Democrats and the Whigs. The Whigs were established because of the rise in democratic view. American politics were overtaken for 20 years by Whigs and Democrats, which was known historically as the Second Party System. .
             Andrew Jackson, a writer, Democrat, Ideologue, and freedom fighter. Andrew Jackson had many different aspects on crucial components of the American government. Everyone of his aspects all connected to one significant foundation .FREEDOM. Andrew Jackson strongly believed in democracy and feared a strong central government. His philosophy of the government was exact and minimal: the people govern. Jackson and Democrats had a strong grasp on Government. Jackson believed the majority of people have a right and duty to govern the nation. Andrew Jackson had a constant fear of the government becoming too powerful. He worried over lives of normal citizens being robbed of their constitutional right to liberty This concern over the development of powerful central government drove him to believe that if the government became a powerful force, it would jeopardize the freedom of the individual and the sovereign states and benefit the rich because of the elitism it would develop. Jackson wanted no distinction between the rich and the poor. He despised a national debt, because it was a danger to free government and served only the interest of the wealthy.

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