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The Presidency of Andrew Jackson

            We, the Southern White Farmers, do strongly support President and General Andrew Jackson as we right well do prosper under his strong leadership, he can relate to us farmers, bein' an "ordinary" man and a white southerner himself- unlike those well to do city folk, and he is "a man of the people who works on their behalf." We consider Jackson "A man of the people who works on their behalf"-the people being us american farmers- because he strived and succeeded to remove the issues such as the Native Americans and the United States Bank hindering the good of the "common" Americans. Jackson is personally on good terms with the Native Americans and even has some friendly relationships. But on a more broad perspective Jackson rightly believes that whites are dominant over Native Americans and that unless they assimilated themselves into the white culture and "abandon tribal membership" they should fully move west and out of the way. And they did. Diligently and without backing down, Jackson pushed the indians out of our territory further west where they do not interfere with our culture.
             Jackson also immediately attacked the Bank of U.S. not only sharing the same belief of Thomas Jefferson that it was unconstitutional but that it's financial power posed a threat to the "popular Liberty". We farmers have always feared a financial monopoly and Jackson feeling the same way persisted against Congress and the Supreme Court to do what's best for us folks. He foresaw how the Bank's conservative policies had caused the awful depression in 1819 and wanted to avoid a second one so when Nicholas Biddle and his supporters introduced a new bill to Congress to extend the Bank of United States charter Jackson quickly vetoed the bill. By interdicting the bill, Jackson saved both the money in our pockets and impressed us with his attacks on the idea of monopolies and uncontrolled wealth.

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