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Andrew Jackson the protector of strictly democratic causes..

            Andrew Jackson presented himself as the voice of all the people and the protector of the common man against abuses of power by the rich and the privileged. On the contrary, Andrew Jackson was the defender of strictly democratic causes that were personally in favor for him. The presidency of Andrew Jackson was not an era that celebrated the common man. Jackson's spoils system, rotation system, veto of the Maysville Road, Indian removal and the removal of the national bank were not beneficial to the common man and only to the common interest of Andrew Jackson. .
             Politically Jackson established the spoils system in which he rewarded political supporters with positions in office. Instead of celebrating the "common man" Jackson celebrated whoever supported him and his party. Additionally, any person who had previously held office and was not democratic was removed and Jackson replaced them with a loyal democrat. Jackson was not supporting a common man; he was rewarding anyone who supported him. .
             Jackson believed in a rotation system in which a person's tenure in office would be limited to just one term. Then another Democrat would be appointed so that it would be possible for a maximum number of Democrats to hold office. Jackson stated that basically one man was as good as another (Being that if that man was a democrat of course.) .
             Jackson vetoed using federal money to construct the Maysville Road in Kentucky because it was only within one state and coincidentally the home state of Henry Clay who was Jackson's enemy. This was not a decision made for the common man; it was a personal decision based upon Jackson's feelings. .
             In 1830 the Indian Removal act was passed. Jackson removed five civilized tribes so that they could move westward and the United States could claim the Indian land. This decision was based upon his belief that his democracy did not extend to the Native Americans and only to the white land-hungry citizens.

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