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Andrew Jackson

            Andrew was born at a settlement on the banks of Crawford's Branch of Waxhaw Creek in South Carolina on March 15, 1767, the third son of immigrant parents from northern Ireland. His father died 2 days before he was born. He lost 3 siblings at an early age. .
             Some of Andrew's early influences were the American Revolution in which he served as a mounted courier at the age of 13. Both Andrew and his brother were captured by the British. Because Jackson refused to polish the boots of the British officer, he was struck across the arm and face with a saber. The two boys were put in a British prison S.C., where a epidemic of small pox broke out. Mrs. Jackson got the boys release but Andrew's brother soon died. Andrew's mom caught the disease and soon died herself. So Andrew at the age of 15 was without no immediate family. Major Accomplishments .
             In 1787, Andrew became a lawyer and he set up his office in McLeanville, N.C. He soon moved his office to Nashville where he met and fell in love with Mrs. Rachel Donelson Robarb. Believing that Mr. Robarb's had obtained a divorce, they were married in 1791. Two years later they found that this was not true and that the divorce had just then become final. A second wedding was performed. This event would effect Jackson for the rest of his life. .
             In 1796, Jackson was elected into the House of Representatives, representing Tennessee. He soon allied with the Jeffersonian Party criticizing Washington and his administration. After one year in the House, he moved to the Senate. He served in the Senate from September 1797 to April 1798 and then retired to private life. .
             In 1815, Andrew led an army of state militiamen against Britain in the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson received a lot of fame from this battle. Also that year, Jackson became commander of the South District Army. Two years later, in 1817, Andrew was ordered to "quiet" the Seminole Indian tribe who were raiding settlements in Georgia and hiding in Florida.

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