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Andrew Jackson and the election of 1828

             Andrew Jackson's election was significant in the promotion of greater democracy, the protection of the common people, and in the strengthening of the federal government. Jackson made politicians more accountable for their actions by putting into effect a rotation of office with shortened terms and elections by the people. Furthermore, the common people directly elected the electors who voted for the president. Andrew also protected the common people by use of the Veto, more times than all other presidents combined. He also caused the destruction of the 2nd National Bank, which he thought was a horror to the people. Finally, he strengthened the federal government through his policy on South Carolina.
             Andrew Jackson heavily influenced and promoted a greater democracy, the Jacksonian Democracy. Officials were quicker at work as their terms grew shorter. As people directly elected their government officials, the possibility of not being reelected loomed over many heads, causing a overall improvement in work ethic. And because the policy of rotation of office was set fourth, Jackson was able to remove those long entrenched in their positions, replacing them with able members of his party.
             When the common people were able to directly elect the electors, democracy was further expanded. Now the common people had real influence with electing presidents and had a greater role in their government. Furthermore, the presidents were nominated in conventions. Those who nominated the president were active members of the party and were large in size. This was in stark contrast to the old style where the elite few nominated the presidents.
             Andrew Jackson also championed the people. He used his Veto powers vigorously, more than all presidents combined. He felt he was the "servant to the people" and Vetoed laws that he felt would harm them. Secondly, he destroyed the 2nd National Bank. Jackson thought the bank was "the octopus", anti-American, and hostile towards small businesses and the West.

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