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Andrew Jackson

             Andrew Jackson was a man who was respected and loved by the American colonists. He was a war hero from the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson demonstrated traits that appealed to people as a hard worker who did what needed to be done to achieve the desired outcome. Throughout his life he always was trying to prove himself to others; even after victorious battles he truly never felt the gratification of victory. He was one who only settled for success, anything less would be a waste of time and effort.
             Andrew Jackson was a leader who was comprised of numerous attributes that allowed him to win the respect and admiration from the American people. According to James Curtis,'strength, toughness, physical courage, perseverance- these are qualities we associate with Andrew Jackson and have come to expect in both his martial and presidential successors,? (TTP, 86). The main factor in shaping his personality was the loss of his mother and brother. After these incidents Jackson was unable to cope with the loss of the two most important people in his life, and he was consumed with anger and guilt. He was unable to cope with public criticism and chastised those who ridiculed him. Each of these personality traits are evident within his personal writings. In his letter to Charles Dickinson, he states,? I hope sir your courage will be an ample security to me, that will obtain speedily satisfaction, due to me for the insults offered,? (TTP, 194). Jackson was a man who did not tolerate the abuse of those who were in no position to question his authority or decision making capabilities. .
             Jackson's view upon the Indians haunted him since his adolescence of the fear of Indian attacks and the fear of social instability. With the proper military Jackson was able to,'seized their territory, and prescribed limits to future Indian aggression,? (TTP, 189). The carnage only brought him satisfaction in annihilating those who threatened the white society.

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