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Choosing the Right College

            There has been several times when I have heard someone say that universities are better that junior colleges. Even though I have never attended a university, several of my cousins and some of my friends have told me many things about the universities they have attended. Through my experiences and from what I have been told, there are many benefits in attending a junior college. The benefits I have found are convenience, educational benefits, and financial savings. .
             First of all, attending a junior college is convenient in many ways. For example, if a student attends a junior college, there is a better chance of having someone that he knows in a particular class. Knowing someone in a class is a little less scary than being in it all alone. It is also convenient to attend a junior college to be closer to home. If a student decides to attend a junior college, he could choose to live at home which saves money. By attending a junior college a person does not have a long drive home for holidays or weekends. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to school each day and takes many of my friends even less time. Furthermore, attending a junior college is convenient because students will be able to keep their high school jobs. I have had the same job since my junior year of high school and I was able to keep it because my boss let me schedule my hours around my school schedule. If a student is not able to keep his job, he is more familiar with other job openings in the area. .
             Educational benefits is another good reason for deciding to attend a junior college instead of a university. I feel that a student can learn more and get more out of a class lecture when there are smaller classes. It is easier for me to ask questions when the class size is 30 students versus 300 students. Having a smaller class means that the instructor will have a little more time for one-on-one meetings and discussions. In one of my classes this semester at _______ Community College, the teacher goes over the tests after grading is done with each individual student.

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