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Electoral College Unfairness-Essay

            Regardless of what you were taught to believe, you have no vote. Nor does any other person in this country except for the bureaucratic collective elite (called the electoral college.) Isn't it the ultimate right of the people to choose the leader of the free world, and not the duty of an out-of-touch minority? Is it not our country based on the principle of an individual's right to have a say in the operations of the country?.
             The wisdom of the Founding Fathers in setting up the electoral system is not to be doubted, but since their day, in which distances precluded simple balloting, there has been a revolution in communication and education. Also, the forefathers were pretty obvious in their distrust of the common, uneducated masses in the matter of voting. If the American people are so corruptible and ignorant, then why do the people directly elect senators and representatives? These men and women create and ratify laws and Amendments, which is quite a large amount responsibility. Instead, I am considering the need to amend our constitution in favor of more modern principles. The Electoral College system is no longer needed, and in fact has been outmoded for 50 years. Isn't it about time to admit that?.
             There are many who argue against changing the system, mostly on the basis of "if it ain't broke don't fix it." It obviously is "broke." Some argue that the system provides a benefit to citizens of small states, but that argument alone should be cause for change. "One man one vote" is a farce and a lie. In presidential elections our votes are infinitesimally small fractions, and that value depends on where we are registered. The benefit is also counterbalanced (if the presence of campaigning candidates is construed as positive), as candidates will go where they can get the most votes, never to the states with small electoral benefit. .
             Many states use a "winner takes all" strategy, and the individual vote is lost.

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