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Choosing a college

            There are basically three different kinds there are state or public colleges, private colleges and two year colleges. The main difference between public and private colleges is that one receives financial aid from state and the other makes all of its money off of you. Most people know that public colleges and universities are cheaper than private but according to www.ing-usa.com it can be around four times as much and tuition and fees alone for four years at a top private college can rise to $135,000. And college costs are going up faster than inflation. Price has always been a selling point for us," says Norma Kent, director of communications for the American Association of Community Colleges. "It's a very affordable way to go." Let's look at some numbers. The average cost for a full-year of tuition and fees at a community college is just $1,735, compared to $4,081 at a public, four-year university and $18,273 at a private, four-year university, according to the College Board. As quoted on www.bankrate.com community colleges offer a very affordable way to get in to colleges or universities. The requirements are much easier to pass and any work you do in community college transfers with you when you go to a four year college. The requirements for a community college are a high school diploma or be 18yrs or older. But to get into a California state university you.
             Need completion of the following subjects. Courses receiving a grade of D or F will not be . Counted. See table below.
             College Entrance Examination - ACT or SAT + SAT II .
             GPA of 3.3 or higher. If GPA is between 2.77 and 3.3, student must achieve the necessary college entrance test score indicated in the Eligibility Index to meet minimum admission requirement. .
             UC Requirements CVHS Courses.
             a. US History/Social Science 2 Years US History, US GovernmentWorld Civilization(US Government is a semester course).

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