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Going to College and Finding Success

            Although, when you hear the word college you think of many positive attributes and success but, what is success? College can be an awesome thing but also has its pros and cons many different people have different outlooks and experiences from college and most attended without any knowledge of what they are even getting their selves into. After talking to some of the people around me including someone who never went to college, someone who went and didn't complete college, someone who never went to college and is still somehow successful, someone who went to college graduated with a bachelor's degree and their masters and who is not as successful some individual who actually didn't attend college at all. .
             On August of the year of 2013, I became a freshman student of Savannah State University, a part of the Criminal Justice program after an entire summer of being a high school graduate and being pressured among this decision. After finally attending college, even though I didn't want to come, for many different reasons, I thought to myself, how bad could it actually be? I knew that I was going to live a lifestyle that minimum wage couldn't provide for. I also wanted something more along the line of a career than a job. I also knew that by coming to college that financial problems wouldn't be an issue in the long run and it would also keep my pay on the more negotiable side of things. At least that's what I thought until after interviewing a formal student of Savannah State and with a bachelors and masters in Criminal Justice. .
             In an interview of 10 questions with my Resident Director (RD) of my building one of the most important questions I asked was, "do you think someone with little to no further education could possibly be where you are in life today, with those degrees under your belt? She answered, "Yes, as far as the position I'm in any person can be where I am today, there is nothing special about my life or income at this point and I have been out of school for over 2years and is still looking for work within my major, and have yet to find any but I'm using my master's degree just a little bit.

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