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Transitioning from High School to College

            As a senior in high school this year, i have come to the realization that there are so many difficulties we as students face in our final year of high school. Senior year is one of the most years of some of our lives, but with it come the stresses of heading off to college. Although some teachers claim that they prepare you for college, most students would not consider it a job well done. The processes one must go through to make it to college and have a successful career is one of the hardest parts of the transition from high school. The beginning transition to college can be one of the most difficult, the application process. Applying is so difficult for future undergraduates because when going off to college the students get to choose their future school. In grade school through high school, students have no choice on where they  go to school; the schools the students attend is almost always based on where that person lives. Some apply for schools based on their major, others to party, but some choose their future school just as a "get away" from home. .
             When applying for colleges it is essential to find out as much information as you can on your future home. Some serious things the future undergraduates need to investigate while looking at schools is how many scholarships they can apply for and get money out of. Also, the future students need to look into how prominent each school is for the field the student is looking to go into. It is crucial to find information and ask questions through college fairs, campus visits/tours, and the school websites. Applying for the future school of choice can be difficult, but the acceptance letter makes it all worth it. Receiving the letter that says, "Congrats.You have been accepted into." can be one of the most overjoyed moments in a students life other than graduation.
             Fast forwarding to just past graduation, during the last summer at home (unless they are staying local and planning to drive to and from school everyday) most of the time is succumbed by grad parties, summer jobs, and sports.

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