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Academics and Preparing for College

            Every year, thousands of students enrolling in community colleges and universities find out they lack the needed reading, writing or math skills to take even basic courses. "That means taking remedial courses, for which the students pay regular tuition but don't earn credits. The classes delay students' progress toward degrees and cause financial aid to run out faster, or force the students to borrow more" (MacMillan). Public Act 12-40 (Also known as Bill SB-40 (Morse)) was a law put into effect in the year 2012 to stop remedial classes in Connecticut Community Colleges; and I feel it is an absolute positive concept for students today. "Public Act 12-40 has three major components; to redefine the delivery of remedial education by placing students in one of three tiers of course work at the community college and state university level. .
             These levels are described as college-level, college-level with embedded support, and Intensive College Readiness Program (or, alternatively, one semester of a remedial course). The purpose of these three tiers is to better guide students through effective remedial education programs without sacrificing course and curriculum time. Next, is to place students in these levels will be determined through multiple measures, including SAT scores, GPAs, high school transcript data, essay placements, and/or alternative assessment instruments. Lastly, to align public high school curriculums with Common Core State Standards to assure college readiness" (Harris).
             Due to the law change it will encourage public middle school and high school teachers to be monitoring their students' progress each year. Also, PA 12-40 will ensure students are not wasting time and tuition on full semesters of remedial courses that will not work towards college credits. Students will now be offered Intensive College Readiness Programs that will help students refresh and analyze the subject.

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