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Being a Proactive College Athlete

            After reading the various College Success strategies, as well as looking over the modules, I have to decided to take a tad different approach in regards to my self improvement as a student athlete. Every individual knows that college style of learning is "heads over heels" that of high school, so it takes a lot of preparation in order to transition properly. Time management, proper note taking, relative essay writing, etc. are all very beneficial strategies in becoming a better college ready student. However, as a student, I personally I feel the need to improve more on my preparation skills. I need to work on becoming a more proactive student athlete.
             Being a more proactive person does not just attain to school, but also many different aspects of life, including your sport. This, here, is why being "proactive" should be a well know trait of a college student. Being proactive. Being proactive relatively has to deal with preparing oneself ahead of time, instead of just reacting to the situation when it suddenly hits. It is trying to achieve self improvement without the fear of failure. Whether it be studying for an upcoming test, or getting prepared for an upcoming game, being proactive will very much determine the outcome.
             One thing I constantly need to approve on, in regards to being proactive, is to not be afraid of failure. First, in regards to school. Rather than being afraid of that horrific English essay next week, I need to become more proactive, then preparing and writing every single day in order to make that essay seem just that much smaller and less difficult. It is the little things that pertain to success. This does not seem like much, but just that little extra effort will take a ridiculous amount of stress off a person. .
             Being proactive can also help athletes in regards to their sport. Say I have a fall ball game next week, but I am not hitting the ball particularly well, what am I going to do? Instead of being afraid of the game, or afraid to fail from a personal standpoint, I am going to become proactive.

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