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College Athletes and Financial Compensation

            We see college sporting events on television and hear about college games on the radio; we even read about them in the newspaper. Whether it's a scrimmage or the last game in the Final Four college basketball series, you should be aware that those athletes aren't receiving a single dime from the college they attend. No form of compensation is being handed out to those athletes in return for their effort in practice and talent during games. It's not like there is a shortage of money; because a study was conducted by the Orland Sentinel showing that the University of Texas' Athletic Program had collected around 120 million dollars. College athletes are not only having difficulty paying off their tuition, but also many athletes are being paid under the table through black markets. These amateur athletes have no motive to stay in college and finish their respective degrees, many cannot afford to pay for the increasingly expensive college life. In addition to the black markets and increasing college tutition, the statistics comply college athletes should get paid for playing. .
             First, I want to thoroughly explain the reason these athletes are so deserving of being paid. What good is the program without the athletes? The reasoning for the Athletic Program's surplus in revenue is from the performance of the student athletes themselves. These athletes are practicing hours on end and hauling in the money to the University every day. Colleges are using these athletes to boost their respective reputations and bring in revenue while not compensating these athletes for their work. The lack of pay is not seen anywhere else in the work place and shouldn't be seen here. Everywhere else athletes are paid, so why shouldn't college students too? An interview was done on former college football athlete Make McDonough who was a defensive lineman for Iowa State back in 2012. He goes on to talk about how he witnessed and endured some of the struggles in dealing with the severe rules of the NCAA.

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