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Collegiate Athletes: Not to Be Paid

            Day after day, week after week, year after year, division I athletes have been putting their heart and soul into a sport. All their hard work for the love of the game has lead them to a University where they can showcase their skills and talent. At the division I level, it is a business where athletes contribute to bringing in profit, and by doing this, athletes have to perform well and win games to encourage more attendance. The common, controversial question that many people have asked is, should college athletes get paid? Since collegiate athletics are within an educational setting, they should not receive pay for their athletic contribution. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, is an enterprise and requires no amateur athlete to be paid. Athletes are given their fair share benefits as being apart of a team, which could include food, clothes, or even receiving financial help through athletic scholarships, etc. Student athletes being paid would only create an ongoing problem and argument for other athletes, students and universities. .
             As a division I college athlete, I can personally relate to this topic. To play at the collegiate level is something all athletes dream of and should not be taken for granted. Through years of hard work and dedication, we have developed an emotion of achievement after winning and proudly representing our team and community. In the moment nothing else matters but the win, no thought of money or revenue running through your mind. It is through the mind of an athlete that only joy and excitement of all the hard work you put into your sport has paid off. It is a privilege to get the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, let alone be awarded an athletic scholarship, education, opportunities, and friendships that will last a lifetime. A scholarship can be applied towards tuition, books, food, housing and other useful benefits such as tutors, trainers, facility access, equipment, and clothing.

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