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College Sports - Money Makes the World go 'Round

            "By preventing athletes from getting paid, all we're really doing is transferring money from young men -- the majority of whom are neither white nor wealthy -- to coaches, athletic directors, architects, and construction companies" (Mahler). Instead of money being in the pockets of the athletes, it is in the hands of those who do not even step out into the field. Universities have been taking advantage of these young students for years; now is the time to change this. College athletes are being robbed under the disguise of being amateurs. This is a current issue because student athletes should be considered employees. The students are also not getting proper education by committing so much time to their sport and not having the money as a resource to assist them in their studies. Meanwhile, schools are using athletes as products to generate money while the students still receive none of that money. Student athletes, on and off scholarship, should be paid to help with necessities, including books, rent, and food. College athletes should be paid for several reasons because they deserve money for their efforts and abilities.
             Looking at the opposition, college athletes have not been paid since the creation of the league and should not be changed. These student athletes need to recognize their opportunity at continuing their career as a privilege that most young people dream of but are never given the chance. Also, students are there to earn a degree and they should focus on getting a degree that will pay off instead of worrying about how much money they could generate. Most athletes already receive a discounted tuition as a result of their talent level. In addition, most universities do not make money on sports, so it is not in the budget to pay the athletes. most college sports are not particularly profitable, and in fact, many operate at a loss. "According to a recent study, just 22 schools profited from football during the 2009-2010 academic year" (Mendelson).

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