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College and Preparing for the Workforce

            After years of academic learning and gaining theoretical knowledge during primary and secondary schools, students wonder whether it is worthwhile to continue seeking education for the next six years of college and university combined. Instead of further academic education, universities and colleges should set the primary objective of preparing students for their professional careers. Universities and colleges should aim to develop qualities of a student which help them in finding job opportunities. As mentioned in "Define and Teach Employability skills to Guarantee Students Success" a survey showed that employers want potential employees to possess the following qualities: "Honesty, Good personal appearance, attendance, a straightforward pleasant attitude that is easily recognized as sincere and not put on, the ability to have a boss and take orders without getting defensive and an attitude that shows desire to work." (1)(Vicki A.Poole and Donald K.Zahn) Moreover, the transition of theoretical knowledge into practical life and real-time situation can be very challenging and students usually suffer from nervousness and dependency in their early stages of professional career. It is a universities responsibility to prepare students for such situations. Along with this, a university needs to enhance and develop student skills of presentation and meetings, as employees frequently encounter such situations in their professions. Furthermore, a universities reputation depends upon its alumni's success, and successful employees in companies brighten the future prospect of students at their former university. Universities and colleges prosper when their students prosper in their professional careers. Therefore the main objective of universities is to prepare students for the workforce, transiting academic knowledge into practicality, and enhancement of skills and developing ideas, rather than only increasing knowledge and theoretical learning.

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