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Pursuing a Degree in Liberal Arts

            Popular opinion seems to be that the liberal arts is no longer a viable choice for students entering college. Many say that to pursue such a degree is a waste of time, money and resources that are better spent focusing on either concentrated degree options or specialized career training opportunities. Regardless of an individual's background, their financial capabilities or their intended career path, the liberal-arts is a wise choice when considering post-secondary education options. The liberal arts are exactly what they say they are, and that's liberal. This degree option doesn't focus on a narrow skill set but instead covers many fields, from science and writing, to mathematics and social skills. With the diversity of competences that you achieve through pursuing a liberal-arts degree, you can't help but come out the graduating end of your college experience a well-rounded candidate for many positions within the ever changing workforce. .
             The broader field of the liberal arts expands your overall knowledge not just on one specific topic, but across more expansive areas, that not only prepares you for wherever your career may take you, but for life as a whole. To be able to present yourself to employers, as well as the general public, as a well-rounded, thinking and flexible individual, who while even if not at an expert level, can still hold their own within conversations and assignments that span many subjects, instantly elevates you above those around you as a person of intellect and substance While there certainly some career fields that will require a more specialized final skill set, such as the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concentrations, and there is concern as to whether or not "America is keeping up with China and other rising economies in the STEM disciplines" (Unger 230). To pursue a concentration rich in science and technology while barely skimming over the other practical areas that make us an accomplished and competent society, a student will be cheating themselves of the skills they will need to thrive in the environment around them.

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