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Summary of- Liberal Arts: The Key to the Future

             Getting a liberal arts degree is beneficial to the student because the skills acquired with a liberal arts degree are seen as a great asset to employers. The changing landscape of the work environment will dictate that employers be "adaptable generalists" ( Roger Herman), capable of transitioning into new roles in order to meet the employers changing needs. In response to demands from employers and students alike colleges and universities will likely modify their mode of teaching in an attempt to emulate the liberal arts education experience, such as smaller student to teacher ratios. Additionally colleges and universities are re-evaluating the educational experience in terms of mode of delivery and amount of time for the typical student to complete a degree. For example, college administrators are reacting to the high cost of post-high school education by offering distance learning and other means to allow students to graduate quicker or take classes over an extended period of time, so they can work while they finish their degrees. Some colleges have also anticipated the need for liberal arts candidates to obtain advanced degrees, offering masters degrees in liberal studies. For example, the Greensboro branch of the University of North Carolina currently offers a masters degree in liberal studies and other schools are considering the addition of such a program. It is anticipated that the work place, in the future will consist of a smaller group of employees that will manage the organization and outsource. Varying opponents to accomplish the work. Therefore, employers may need employees who can negotiate, coordinate and facilitate rather than manage and control a large group of employees. These skills require strong communication skills, the foundation of a liberal arts program. Employers will also be in search for employees who are adaptable to a changing environment, students who have specialized in a specific area may be less able to adapt to changes because they haven't had as varied a program of studies as those students in a liberal arts program.

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