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Palandri Wines Marketing Strategy To Singapore

             This project focuses on the entry of Palandri Wines into a foreign market. After much market research, Japan and Singapore seemed to be promising target markets. Palandri must decide which market to enter. The Japanese have become more aware of wine being consumed on a daily basis rather then on special occasions. This perception has led to wine being seen as having perceived qualities and value for its price (www.austrade.gov.au). Australian wine has a good reputation in Japan. However, the market for wine in Japan is small and is still developing and completion is due to these factors. The influence of other international wines and local wines puts enormous pressure on Australian wines. Japan remains difficult to enter due to the issues of exclusionary business practices, high regulations and inner market relations (www.austrade.gov.au). The language barrier entering into Japan is definitely a disadvantage for any foreign countries looking to enter the market.
             Given the westernisation of eating habits in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand there is good potential for Palandri wines in these developing markets. Singapore is the most attractive market to enter. Singapore is an English-speaking country (66% speak English) with a similar culture to Australia, so Palandri Wines would certainly feel comfortable doing business there. This paper discusses the reasoning behind Palandri's decision to operate in Singapore and the processes that will be required to gain acceptance for their brand. .
             2.0 INTRODUCTION.
             The entry of the Palandri Aurora range into Singapore is the main focus of this assignment. The Aurora range of wines is currently accounting for 67% (see Appendix A) of Australain or domestic wine sales, which is why this particular range has been chosen for foreign market entry. From completing an environmental analysis, both internally and externally, analysing the competition, identifying Palandri's corporate goal, market segmentation, brand positioning, and a discussion of the marketing mix (four p's), the most appropriate market entry strategy shall be defined.

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