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Four Daughters Winery - Marketing Proposal

            Wine is a popular beverage for the young, old, and in-between. There are many wineries throughout that world who produce their own special recipes. Four Daughters Winery is one of Minnesota's largest wineries located in Spring Valley, just south of Stewartville. Their main objective is making and bottling their own specialty wine right on sight. Customers can then buy bottles of wine, have a glass on site, or enjoy a wine tasting. The Vogt Family opened the winery in 2011, which consists of the parents, along with their four daughters, and their husbands. In just 3 short years, they have grown their business into a profitable establishment with expansion plans currently in the making. Along with their expansion, they are now offering a less expensive wine variety for purchase in some Minnesota liquor stores. .
             Four Daughters also provides meals and appetizers at a premium cost for those who would like to add to their experience at the winery, such as brie and artichoke pizza and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Cooking classes, yoga, special dinner events, and free tours are held on occasion and are advertised on their website. Marked with their very own signature label on each bottle, a bottle of wine ranges between $16 and $30 per bottle, depending on the variety. The bottles available in liquor stores are about $9.99.
             Environmental Analysis.
             The economy is a factor that influences sales. It is impossible to predict how much profits will be for the year, especially when it's for a business that serves wine and food. Also, there are other wineries in the area that people can visit. Staying above the competition is vital. Not only are the other wineries something to compete with but also the other activities people enjoy, such as going to bars or picnicking.
             Marketing Plan Objectives.
             As mentioned earlier, Four Daughters has just begun selling a less expensive version of their wine to external vendors such as Hy-Vee Liquor Stores.

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