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Marketing Summary - Sunshine Company, Vietnam

            Sunshine Company, Vietnam, a newly established company in Hanoi. Sunshine Company is a Singapore based company with 10 year old history as an innovative company with operations in Singapore and China. Sunshine Company has looked to Asia for further room to grow and specifically to Vietnam. Instead of relying on an existing narrow line of products, the Marketing Director has asked me to develop an innovative new product to hit the 2 different markets. He also requested me to bring a professional approach to marketing activities and, in particular, launches the above new product. .
             To collect information for this report, I have to search on the Internet and reference books related to Marketing in order to make the best report in my ability. Moreover, I have to research other reports of other companies to gain my knowledge and learn some experiments of those reports. Since this is the first report of mine so I may make some mistakes.
             Also, there are some limitations, too. Firstly, Sunshine Company is not a famous company so its hard to find information about it. Secondly, it is a newly company in Vietnam so it doesnt have any base for me to do the project. I have to write all the basic marketing to apply in Vietnam. Thirdly, Im a new marketing cum research executive in Sunshine Company so I have no experiments. But, despite those difficulties, I will try my best to complete the report.
             Executive Summary.
             Sunshine company has just been set up in Vietnam so it doesnt understand clearly about the lifestyle and culture of Vietnam. So, in order to be successful in Vietnam market, Sunshine Company needs a research about marketing program. .
             I provide an overview of the content of the report:.
             - Explain the various elements of the marketing process.
             - Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for Sunshine Company.
             - Show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions of Sunshine Company.

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