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Golden Circle - Australian Company

             Golden Circle is one of Australia's most well known companies. They are the creators of many healthy products such as canned fruit and fruit juices. Their mission as a company is to be a world competitive market driven company, servicing customer's needs with high quality value for money products, while having regard to shareholder's interests and ensuring satisfactory financial performance.
             Environmental and Social Impact.
             Golden Circle's original factory is located at in a northern suburb of Queensland, known as Northgate. Golden Circle also owns the Original Juice Co. plant at Mill Park, on Melbourne's northern outskirts, and a fresh fruit packing operation in Griffith, NSW. There are sales offices in each Australian state and also in New Zealand. .
             Obviously there are many natural resources used at Golden Circle. Natural resources such as Apples, Pineapples and many other various fruits are either canned or put into bottles of juice. Although to make these human or man made resources are used. One example is Golden Circle's use of a paperless, computerized inventory management system. There is also a robotic blow-moulding facility capable of producing 50 million plastic cordial and other beverage bottles every year (ref appendix 1.1).
             The only conflict that may arise from Golden Circle is Pollution Issues although Golden Circle is committed to environmentally sound practices and has many projects aimed at reducing waste, recycling and cutting water usage. The company manages its operations in an environmentally responsible manner at all times. .
             Marketing Factors.
             Golden Circle manage to advertise there products in several ways. The most predominate being television ads (ref appendix 2.1). .
             As far as a target audience goes Golden Circle aim anywhere from 5 to 105. Although recently you may have seen on TV and advert for Kid Start Farms. Kid Start Farms was started to assist rural school students with a career in farming.

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