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             The product that I have chosen to research and trace through the following four levels is Molson Beer.
             The one ingredient that I have chosen to research for the primary level is hops. Hops is a perennial plant that grows on a vine under any climate that gives enough water and sunshine, and a place where the soil has been cultivated. Hops can be grown on farms, or just in someone's back yard, as long as they live in the right place. The growing season of the hops vine starts in March and ends in mid August up until late September. By the end of this period the hops vine can grow up to 40 feet in height. The hops vine is mostly grown in places such as Germany, U.S.A., Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Southern Chile and Argentina. The part of the hops plant that is used in beer is the flower/cone, which is usually dried before use. There are many different kinds of hops: each one giving different flavors and aromas. Hops is only one of the ingredients used in beer, for there are many others such as: malt barley, carbon filtered water, salt may be used, corn syrup and yeast.
             In the secondary level there are 12 main steps that go into the process of the making of beer. They will include the usage of the raw materials (malt barley, water, salt, corn syrup, yeast and hops).
             # 1 Roller Mill.
             The first step in the making of beer is called the "roller mill". In this process the barley is carefully cracked open to expose the inside, while at the same time keeping the outside husk. This malt barley has already gone through the process of being steeped in water, partially germinated, and carefully dried/roasted to bring out the flavor, while keeping the enzymes. .
             # 2 Mash Mixer.
             In this step the barley is combined with hot water into the "mash mixer". The barley is then mashed to reactivate the extracts and change starches into sugars to bring out the flavors for the final product.

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