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A beer is not just a beer

             When buying beer every drinker is faced with a choice. The brew is both bottled and canned. Is there a difference between the two? Which should be bought? Beer is just beer, right? Or is it? There are some important differences between the bottle and the can to consider that just might help you make a decision better suited to your own tastes and preferences (and enjoyment) the next time you are standing in front of the beer case. Is it important knowledge? Yes it is. Consider that 30 billion gallons of beer are drunk throughout the world every year. .
             If you are going for a smoother, fresher taste I would choose bottled beer. Bottles keep colder longer than cans do. Have you ever noticed how much thicker they are than cans? They function a lot like an ice sculpture with ale inside. Another side affect of this ice like bottle is that you don't get that fast moving froth that spills over the top as easily as cans do. .
             Bottles just don't get shaken up as easily. The glass bottles seem to keep the carbonation down. This allows you to enjoy the full taste of whichever beer you choose to drink. This also allows you to chug beer at a higher rate. Just in case you need to catch that buzz right away.
             There are some drawbacks to the glass bottle also. The most important is the danger of the bottle. If dropped, glass breaks and you have a messy job picking up small pieces of broken glass trying not to draw blood. Situations can be even worse in the hands of the wrong drunk. The bottle can be broken and used violently which would ruin everybody's night. Just something to think about when headed out to where-ever your travels might take you. .
             Once you successfully get your bottle of beer in hand you"ll find that a bottle opener may be required making for more and more of hassle as the night goes on. The caps from the glass bottles make for more trash to clean up later. Unlike the tidy one piece beer can you have two items to dispose of (bottle and cap).

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