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The Art of Making Beer

            On a bright sunny day in Milwaukee, you can expect most people you see outside restaurants to be holding a beer. Not many understand why people in Milwaukee enjoy drinking so much but that really doesn't matter. Beer in the city of Milwaukee brings energy and people together for good causes such as packer games and different sporting events or even weather that above the temperature of 40 degrees. Beer can make a city proud and most people in Milwaukee can agree that beer makes the city of Milwaukee proud ever since the breweries first opened here. At MSOE there is a museum named after a man Eckhart G. Grohmann. The extraordinary works of art and paintings at the Grohmann museum are nothing like anything I have ever seen before in my Life. When I first saw the Grohmann Museum when I came on my first official visit at MSOE 2 years ago I fell in love with the museum. I walked all over the museum looking at different paintings and watching videos, it introduced me to a new work of art that I have never seen before. The Artistic Styles go from men glassblowing to farming and mining, and then it goes all the way to men using machines later in the 1800's. The sculptures on the rooftop garden are what really got me, I stared at the sculptures for hours with my mom while walking around just looking at the city of Milwaukee from a rooftop. On my way out of the museum on the second floor a certain art section caught my eye and that was the beer and wine art section. Nothing can catch my eye faster than reading the letters that spell out BEER. In the exhibit there was 3 paintings of men and kids either, picking hop, brewing beer and checking the quality of the beer. .
             There is a lot that goes in to making a beer taste good and not many understand that. There are many processes and machines that are used in brewing beer today. The process of brewing beer in the 1800s like the paintings show in the beer and wine exhibit is different from the norm we know of today.

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