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The Sumerian People

            This research paper is going to describe some of the most influential people in all of history: the Sumerians. They were the first people to build a civilization from almost nothing but mud, and then expanded their empire. This paper is also going to go into detail about who the Sumerians were and how they lived, some of the major achievements of these people, and the major inventions from them. Also, this paper will explain the lasting effects the Sumerians left on the world today, and what the world would be like without what they had to offer. This paper is going to identity the beginning of the Sumerian civilization, when it thrived during its years, and when it began to ultimately decline. Some of the major achievements and inventions are the clock systems which we use today, cuneiform, which is the writing they invented, war weapons and defenses, irrigation systems, footwear, beer, and tools used for building things.
             The Sumerian people were well into education. In simple terms, we can thank them for setting up the foundation for all education systems today. This paper is going to go into detail about who the Sumerians were, their major achievements as well as their major inventions, and the lasting affect they left on us today. The Sumerian people were only around for less than two thousand years, lasting from roughly 4000 BCE until around 2000 BCE, but the impact they had on civilization today was remarkable. To begin with, who were the Sumerian people and how was their civilization established? The Sumerian civilization emerged upon the flood plain of the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers about 4000 BC. Sumer was located in what is present-day Iraq. The Sumerian people, according to sumerianshakespeare.com, seemed to come from out of nowhere, and they single-handedly invented civilization when most of the rest of the world was still living in the Stone Age.

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