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Sumerian Society

             , when history was born, societies began to organize into centralized communities in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia and the Nile river in Egypt. Many of the Sumerian civilizations had an insurmountable influence on the future societies in these areas. These city-states served as a place for religion, manufacturing, entertainment, government, and commercial centers. Religion played a key role in the development of these grand societies. Many great temples were built for the gods that they praised. Many of the early writings came from the scriptures of the various societies. These writings explained there religion, social values, and government.
             In the Mesopotamian civilizations, the Sumerian society was the first highly advanced culture because of their advanced technology and impact on other cultures to come. They were the first of the ancient civilizations, and impacted the development of the other Near Eastern civilizations. They are associated with the southern part of the Tigris and Euphrates valleys. The Sumerian society has greatly influenced the development of Near Eastern civilizations for centuries after its over take. Sumerian society had a direct influence on other Near Eastern civilizations culture, religion, technology, and government.
             There were several civilizations that were influenced by the Sumerian civilization. One of those civilizations was the Egyptian civilization. Sumerian society helped in the development of Egypt's government, religion, and technology. Like the Sumerians, Egyptians constructed an organized irrigation system that helped them have an agricultural prosperity unmatched in the ancient world.
             The Hittites was another civilization that came from the Mesopotamian area. In many aspects the Hittites reflected the influence of the Sumerian society. Hittites government was a replica of the Sumerians except that the king did not claim to be divine like the other civilization's kings did.

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