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Ancient Society

            The World has undergone many changes in it's billions of years of history. Here are three example of what life would have been like 1 million years ago, 40,000 years ago, and 4,000 years ago. By using second source information gathered here are examples based on research. Climate will be incorporated into the information. Culture and daily life will also be incorporated .
             One million years ago humans were at their second stage; therefore their anatomy from the neck down was similar to that of present day humans. The homo-erectus were the first humans to be completely vertical they also had 1/3 bigger of a brain; this allowed them to create and make use of larger tools. They were also the first to use fire in addition to being the first to leave Africa towards Europe and Asia. The climate of the world was much different from the present day. First, glaciers and scattered ice covered the surface of many hills and mountains. Second, areas such as the Appalachians were higher in altitude because over the million years much more erosion occurred. If living one million years ago you would probably live with some sort of "pack" not exactly a tribe, because they did not encompass a leader and were usually a group of families put together. At night to heat your self you would use your newly discover fire not only used to heat but also to hunt (this would come in later years). In terms of eating gathering of fruits and other natural items was very common as well as hunting of small animals. .
             Forty thousand years ago humans had come along way already establishing permanent settlement that brought about the growth of plants. In Europe the Neanderthals were roaming the continent of Europe and Russia just as the homo-erectus had Africa. In what is present day Turkey and Egypt lived the Sumerian's of the city of Mesopotamia. They lived in city-states that consisted of the city the surrounding mud brick wall, and the surrounding farmland.

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