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Art, Ancient Egyot

             Many of the artworks of Ancient Egypt indicate that it was a culture whose people were .
             highly religious and who believed strongly in an afterlife. The artworks that will be .
             discussed in this essay (that range from paintings, to sculpture, to architecture) are related .
             to the religious beliefs of the people, farming or to glorifying their gods and kings, as .
             documentation from the remains suggest. .
             I have used texts as outlined in the bibliography as reference to the subjects discussed. .
             Most of the examples used are from paintings, hieroglyphics, sculptures and the buildings .
             themselves that come from the remains of the tombs, pyramids and temples, where I .
             believe most of the information about the ancient society that we know today comes .
             Egypt is known as a land of the pyramids. Pyramids are remote and mysterious .
             mountains of stone that were built as burial chambers, believed to help the kings into the .
             afterlife. They indicate a land that was so organized that it was possible to pile up the .
             gigantic structures in the lifetime of a king. They also tell us of kings who were so .
             powerful that they could force thousands of workers to toil for them for years so they.
             could achieve their desired tomb.
             The pyramids had a profound effect on many Egyptians, not only those who were to be .
             buried there, but the many people who designed and executed the plan for them to be .
             built. Many people died while building these pyramids, as the toll of the astronomical .
             task of moving the giant building blocks to their place was too much burden. .
             Inside these pyramids, there are elaborate and often quite beautiful burial chambers. In .
             these chambers there were often spells and incantations written on the walls, along with .
             pottery and sculptures of items that were thought that would be needed for the afterlife, .
             such as vases for food and water and of workers that could serve the king (pharaoh) in .
             the next life.

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