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Ancient Greece and Rome

            Ancient Greek civilization was superior to Roman civilization as a result of their more "successful" societies. A successful society should be able to contain merely a stable economy, but social achievements, and political stability. Greece despite being conquered by Ancient Rome was far less successful as a Civilization compared to Ancient Greece as a result of being able to create a more stable society in which the people could live without disparity in conflicts and progress in social welfare.
             A major reason that Ancient Greece was able to succeed better than Rome was a result of their economic policies as compared to Ancient Roman solutions. For example, Nero and other emperors debased the currency in order to supply a demand for more coins. By debasing the currency is meant that instead of a coin having its own intrinsic value, it was now only representative of the silver or gold it had once contained. When compared to Ancient Greece, the currency of Greece had multiple currencies which not only allowed for flexible currency exchange in the case of inflation, but a stable economy in which it allowed for a way to keep the value of coinage. By creating several currencies it was decentralized and therefore was easier to maintain than a centralized economy which required a single currency. .
             Another reason that Ancient Rome was less superior than Greece was the result of social achievements embedded in the system of Greece. For instance, while Rome had crumbling houses and a failing plebeian class being outsourced to slaves or forced to sell their land to go to the city where the buildings they lived in often crumbled if they did not die of disease, expensive housing, and burned down. While Ancient Greek housing although small and weak, was spacious and some of which are still here after thousands of years. In addition, despite being conquered by Rome, the Romans still recruited Greek teachers, doctors, and scholars to do their work.

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