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Ancient Greece

            "To understand the appeal of ancient religions for their followers, one must consider the specific historical contexts in which these religions were practiced.".
             One of the most influential aspects of a great nation or society in the ancient world was religion.
             Ancient Greece was divided into over 100 city-states called poleis and religion played an integral part in each polis. Relatively all of the poleis had the same four characteristics: small (except Athens), independent from the Greek nation, responsive to citizens, and a community authority. These four characteristics helped promote a strong sense of loyalty to their communities and to their religion as well. The Ancient Greeks practiced polytheism, the worship of many gods. There were 12 chief gods that were worshipped by all of the Greeks but each polis had their own personal god who looked out for them; for example Athens had Athena. Furthermore, several occupations within each polis had a god looking out for them as well. Because the poleis stressed the importance of community in their society, religion was a key element in unifying the people. Greek religion emphasized ritual over belief. Communities in Ancient Greek would participate in religious festivals and rituals honoring their specific gods and this helped promote feelings of loyalty and togetherness. People living in the same polis had a strong sense of loyalty to one another because they celebrated the same God within the polis. .
             The Ancient Greeks believed that the Gods could punish you or do you favors depending on whether or not you performed the rituals. The Greeks believed that the gods were amoral, so it would be beneficial to perform the rituals in order to get the gods on your side. Because of these beliefs.
             Roman society during the Republic was dominated by values of duty and honor, which applied to both the state and the family. Once the Republic was established, Rome successfully expanding its power and influence.

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