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Major Accomplishments of the Ancient Greeks

            The ancient Greeks have made many influential achievements. They were an amazing civilization due to the fact that they contributed so much to the modern world, many of the things we use and think about in modern day. These achievements include certain things in the areas of art and architecture, government, and theatre. The contributions to of Ancient Greece are all around us. The major achievements Greece had were art and architecture, government, and theatre.  .
             One of the biggest Greek accomplishments was their art and architecture.  We still use Greek-style architecture today. Big parts of Greek architecture were columns also known as pillars.  According to Document 3, "Today columns are also used in many public buildings such as churches and libraries. There are also pillars in many buildings in Washington D.C. "The document shows a picture of the Lincoln Memorial and also the Parthenon, located in Athens. The two building structures are very similar and are definitely incorporated from the Greeks. It shows how big of an accomplishment the columns were because we still use them even to this day. Another great accomplishment was their art. Ancient Greeks created art because they were inspired by their gods, goddess, and heroes.  The Greeks wanted to show off their arts because their statues or painting were admired for its idealism.  According to Document 1, "Greek statues were more realistic, lifelike and detailed then any statues that had been produced until then The Greeks are the first people in history to create such statues." They had the best statues at the time, and possibly now too. They were the first civilization to due this type of art. One thing that was very different about their sculptures was that they were mostly nude because they believed the human body was beautiful and should be admired. .
             Another accomplishment of the Greek that we still use today is democracy.

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