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Greek and Roman

             Life's milestones have been passed through generations and to different.
             cultures since the beginning of time. From the start, people have been able to put.
             their minds together to come up with new and easier ways to do daily activities. .
             These brilliant and determined minds brought forth everything from better.
             technology, faster and more efficient food production and it all eventually led up.
             to simply bettering the quality of life for people. The most dominating and daring.
             cultures throughtout the world were centered in Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy. .
             These two led the ancient world in the pursuit of expansion of their great empires.
             as well as their desire to rule with their advanced ways of life. The Greeks,.
             especially those in Athens, dominated the Mediterranean region. They consisted.
             of many great minds that cultivated a time in which new ideas and inventions were.
             being thought of and documented over and over. Although they never fully.
             produced all that they had thought of: philosophy and arts, the Romans were not.
             far behind with their tools to begin building upon the foundation with further.
             advancements such as a channel of roadways, waterways, and improved.
             architectual stuctures that allowed the Romans to further develop as an empire. .
             The Greek Empire was full of people who enjoyed nothing more than a.
             deep conversation full of ideas and opinions. The first pre-socratic Greek.
             philopher was a man by the name of Thales. He pursued thoughts of mathmatics.
             and astronomy. He constructed theories about solar eclipses and a deductive.
             method of geometry. Not for another hundred years, would a man come along that.
             could measure up to this philosphers ideas. But, a man named Socrates came to.
             life and brought with him a determined mind in search of an "absolute truth". He.
             focused mainly on ethical and moral standpoints. Socrates was interested in.
             Athenian justice, beauty, and wholesome goodness. He questioned physics and.

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