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Roman Culure

            Roman Culture as a Reflection of Greece.
             Rome's greatness grew out of its imperial program of conquering others and establishing colonies, for example, the Greeks. The Ancient Romans acquired many of their cultural habits from the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks inspired the Romans from everyday customs and laws to architectural designs and style. To their credit, the Romans recognized the richness of Greek art and architecture, and they sought to emulate the Greek masters -- and the Greek styles and themes -- in their own art. The Romans also acquired and used part of the ancient Greek system of education. In essence, Roman culture emerged from the great Greek culture; however, they had similarities as well as differences. Greece concentrated on social and human advancements in their culture. Rome spent their time strengthening their government systems, and architecture. .
             To a large degree, the Romans brought Greek (and Hellenistic) culture to world attention. Romans patronized Greek artists and artisans in the glorification of a vast world of their own, Roman creation. It is no surprise, then, that the Roman poet Virgil turns to Greek mythology and to the Greek epics as he fashions his own description of the origins and destiny of the Roman state, The Aeneid . His aim is to situate Rome in line with what was considered the great literary tradition of the time -- the Greek. Virgil's work thus is both polemic and propaganda: his blending of history and mythology provides a platform for the imperial agenda that Augustus will undertake.
             The Ancient Romans were first governed by what is called the Twelve Tables. This provided the basic code and standard of living for all Romans. Later, all decisions were led to the discretion of the court's judges, most of whom were corrupt. The Twelve Tables were followed by The Gracchi, which was developed and implemented by the emperor Caesar Augustus.

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